Sunday 19th May 2024
I tried sunbathing topless a couple of times. Though I was always too shy to get fully naked, no matter how crowded the beach was. This time I did not even care to find out whether it was a topfree beach or not! I just pulled down my bra, let the sun caress my tits for a while and then got rid of the panties. The men around went crazy, perhaps it wasn't even a nudist beach!
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Sunday 19th May 2024
It's great when a nude beach girl is busy doing something so that you may not be in a hurry and film all her curves as they deserve to be filmed. She spent some time topless looking all in her thoughts, and then oh god her fingers reached her thongs and pulled these down. Nothing prevented me from capturing her firm ass and cute-looking pussy on film.
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6 000+ Pics, New update Daily, Over 2 Gb Videos, True Nude Beach

Sunday 19th May 2024
That beach was full of all kinds of merrymaking including volleyball – but it all stopped when this bombshell arrived. Every man around was itching to see her taking off her clothes, and she did not keep us waiting for two long. Watch her hair wave as she uncovers her divine curves! She was made for nude natural sunbathing. I took loads of pics, and here are the best ones. Enjoy!
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6 000+ Pics, New update Daily, Over 2 Gb Videos, True Nude Beach

Sunday 19th May 2024
Whatever resort I visit, I always go for nude sunbathing. I just hate
the idea of concealing my goods under any cloth on a beach! I think this is kinda stupid, and I betcha all the men around agree with me. This time I was queen of the beach, with all the male eyes fixed on my curves. I teased them hard, opening my hips, pretending to want better tan for my dear twat. Beach nudism rules!
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6 000+ Pics, New update Daily, Over 2 Gb Videos, True Nude Beach

How I have come in naturism? A difficult problem. Because I do not know precisely, whether I have come there. But that I go is doubtlessly. Anyway, the first modest pitches are already made. All began the past summer after familiarity with Andrew. He has offered to go on Oboznovsky beach in the remote place, where there are some outside's eyes. We wanted to collect more the company, but happened so, that we transmit in three persons: me, Andrew and a girlfriend Alla.
Me and Alla carefully prepared for traveling: accumulated with the food, have dressed new bathing suite, have taken a large blanket. Andrew already waited for us in a stop. Having received a reprimand for delay, we lodge in the bus. Up to a beach it was necessary to go, and then  to go longly - about five kilometers. Therefore we have begun gradually undressing already in a path. Andrew has removed a sports shirt and has tied it on a head. Alla and me also have removed sports shirts and have remained in skirts and tops of the suites.
When we have reached a common beach, we already have got a bit tired. But Andrew has not stayed here, and conducted us farther, having promised to show strange places. We went on the dusty track along camp sites, languish with the heat. So it would be desirable to plunge and to stretch ourselves on a blanket! Walking in such a way a pair of km, we have contracted  at last from a road and transmit in single file on narrow path, winded between bushes and trees. And long-awaited glade! Having thrown hitted bags and residuals of a wear, we first of all have decided to bath. The cool pure water has renewed us. Andrew and I left the water earlier.
How you look if I shall take off slip? - he has asked. Also he has continued: - I want to have an equal sunburn.
I have nothing against it, if Alla wasn't here. I knew, that it shocks her. But I did not contradict him. He has undressed and lied on a stomach, having substituted  his buttocks to the sun, which, by the way, did not differ from other parts of his body on sunburn. I expected an approximation of Alla with horror. And at last, has seen her, serenely going out from water. When she has approached closer and has seen naked Andrew, she fell as if she was engaged by a current, but she said nothing, trying to pretend, that nothing has taken place, and also laid near us.
So we tanned: Andrew - naked, and me and Alla - in bathing suits. When it seemed to him, that Alla did not hesitateit any more, he has assigned me in the party, in were over of a bush, has kissed and has asked: - " Remove all from yourself ". To tell the truth, I've already would like to remove the bathing suit, having substituted to the sun the white parts of a skew field. But I did not do it because of female solidarity. Now, when we were separated from Alla by a wall of a bush, I have not sustained and has allowed him to strap from myself unnecessary things. Then we, having settled down on a grass, steel to play in maps. Andrew has called for Alla. She has not forced longly to ask herself and has moved to us.
Do not hesitate, undress! Here anybody is not present! - has offered Andrew, but she only schook her head. I have understood, that my nudity confuses her even more, than Andrew's, but, having waved away from weak remorses, I stayed in what a mother has given rise. I preferred to not look to Alla. A bit later we have heard a noise of the motor. On the glade has gone away "Lada" and has stayed in a distance. From the machine got out a pair - a man and a woman. Having prepared a place for rest, they transmit to water. Both were completely naked. And though their figures were, in common,  far away from perfect, they did not hesitate their nudity and felt quite freely. Getting out from water, they laid to tan.
Now was our turn to go to bathe. Andrew has refused categorically to mount his slip. And I, having given in feeling of female solidarity, dressed the bathing suit , though with a reluctance. I do not know, how that couple has perceived our withdrawal from bushes, but Andrew felt himself perfectly. It was not confused even with the fishermen catching a fish from boats somewhere in the middle of the river. When we went out  from water, "Lada" has leaved already, and we have returned again in an old place. Andrew, not speaking a word, has removed from me  the wet bathing suit and has wiped me by a towel. It was madly pleasant to me to stand so among terrestrial vegetation naked, under the rays of the sun. And, though somewhere in depth of my soul still moved residuals of the last shyness, I tried to overlook it in every possible way.
Andrew has tried to do same and with Alla, to help her to overcome her shyness, but she was only  frightened and has run off him. Then he on some time has kept us alone. We have started talking about a possibility to increase a breast and Alla began to train me to a complex of exercises, which needed to be executed daily. For obviousness, and may be because of that that the desire has won it скованность, she has lowered bathing suit up to a waist and we become to execute exercises together. In such item, standing on knees the friend before the friend,  doing intricate exercises, Andrew has found us. Alla was confused and has lifted the schoulder-straps  on shoulders.
... Came the evening, it was time to going to home, but it would be desirable at last still plunge into water. Andrew and me have decided to make it naked. Having undertaken for hands, we came into water till a belt and have looked back. What our surprise was, when at an edge of water we have seen Alla also naked!
... Get tired, but pleased and full of new impressions, we returned home in the evening. It was my first experience of naking in nature, experience both unexpected and pleasant. Now I wait for a summer with impatience  to continue familiarity with a nature. Andrew and me are going to go to the sea. And I know for certain, that "textile" timepassing in water will not arrange us any more.

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